Why I want to be an Iron(wo)man

One month from today, I will embark on the most ambitious athletic endeavor I have ever undertaken at Ironman Boulder. Most people think I’ve lost my mind when they find out that I’ve voluntarily signed up (and paid money) to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles all in one day.Continue reading “Why I want to be an Iron(wo)man”

Equal Treatment for “Different” People

The coaching group my coach (the amazing Mark Sortino) started many years ago just revamped their website and the quote on the page for Para Sports reads, “We won’t treat you any different than able-bodied athletes, but we know the difference.” Nowhere is this truth more apparent to me than during Ironman training over theContinue reading “Equal Treatment for “Different” People”

Why Peeta Should have Lost his Leg in the Hunger Games Movies

When I saw the first Hunger Games movie 6 years ago I was extremely disappointed by the ending because Peeta does not lose his leg like he does in the first book.  This may seem silly or even petty because Peeta being an amputee is in no way a central part of the book’s storyline,Continue reading “Why Peeta Should have Lost his Leg in the Hunger Games Movies”

Self-Modified Clothing May Not Be the Only Option: Introducing PATTI + RICKY

I’m used to making it work when it comes to clothing and shoes, and I think there’s a lot to be said for that ability to adjust for your environment. That said, living in a world intended for people with 2 biological legs & feet sometimes leads to a little bit of frustration. For example,Continue reading “Self-Modified Clothing May Not Be the Only Option: Introducing PATTI + RICKY”

Discussing Stereotypes & Inspiration

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of going to lunch with some students from a private K-8 school in Denver to talk about stereotypes.  Their teacher had reached out to me after they spoke with my friend Alina (learn more about her story here) because they wanted to talk to someone who was bothContinue reading “Discussing Stereotypes & Inspiration”

Amputation Does NOT Equal Failure

Amputation is a permanent alteration to one’s body that can be extremely traumatic. Despite this truth, it is time that we stop labeling amputation as “failure.” I have heard too many stories of doctors doing everything medically possible to “save” a person’s limb even when the known outcome of such “saving” is a barely functionalContinue reading “Amputation Does NOT Equal Failure”

The Importance of OOST

This blog is in response to a question I got about out of socket time (OOST) from my friend Emily, who is a fellow amputee:When I was a kid, I would put my leg on in the morning and often not take it off until shortly before bedtime. It was fairly common for me toContinue reading “The Importance of OOST”

Daddy, what happened to her leg?

The number one question I overhear when out in public is “Mommy (or Daddy), what happened to her leg?” When I overhear this I usually look at the kid, smile, and ask them if they’d like to come ask me any questions about my robot leg and point out to them how cool it is.Continue reading “Daddy, what happened to her leg?”