The Girl with the Robot Leg

I have always loved reading, and consequently, I’ve always loved books.  However, as I’ve written about before, media generally does not do a great job of accurately portraying characters with limb loss/difference (with the exception being Harry Potter, at least in my opinion).  I think this starts with media geared towards young ages, such as pictureContinue reading “The Girl with the Robot Leg”

The Value of a Personal Motivator

I got to witness the beginning of something wonderful for about 20 women today as they started their journey to run/walk a 5K with Running Start this September. Running Start is a nonprofit organization, started by Nicole DeBoom, whose mission is to “provide women with barriers to fitness the confidence, courage and community support theyContinue reading “The Value of a Personal Motivator”

Why I want to be an Iron(wo)man

One month from today, I will embark on the most ambitious athletic endeavor I have ever undertaken at Ironman Boulder. Most people think I’ve lost my mind when they find out that I’ve voluntarily signed up (and paid money) to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles all in one day.Continue reading “Why I want to be an Iron(wo)man”

Discussing Stereotypes & Inspiration

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of going to lunch with some students from a private K-8 school in Denver to talk about stereotypes.  Their teacher had reached out to me after they spoke with my friend Alina (learn more about her story here) because they wanted to talk to someone who was bothContinue reading “Discussing Stereotypes & Inspiration”

The Importance of OOST

This blog is in response to a question I got about out of socket time (OOST) from my friend Emily, who is a fellow amputee:When I was a kid, I would put my leg on in the morning and often not take it off until shortly before bedtime. It was fairly common for me toContinue reading “The Importance of OOST”

Adapting & Giving Back – Interview with Craig Towler

For this blog I interviewed Craig Towler, who started an organization called the Amputee Concierge in order to help people find answers to their questions and connect them with resources following limb loss.  I first heard about Craig shortly after the incident that lead to amputation of his legs happened, and was recently connected withContinue reading “Adapting & Giving Back – Interview with Craig Towler”

Colorado Columbines Speech

On November 4, 2017, I was the keynote speaker at an annual awards luncheon for the Colorado Columbines Women’s Running Club.  This great group of women support each other and host runs throughout the year, and it was an honor to speak at this celebration.     I wanted to give a little background, soContinue reading “Colorado Columbines Speech”

Sparking the Positivity Snowball

When Nicole DeBooom had me on her podcast, Run this World with Nicole DeBoom, we talked about being different and Nicole included “Rocking Your Differences” in the podcast title because that concept resonated with her.  If you haven’t listened to Nicole’s podcast, I encourage you to check it out.  She has interviewed many amazing andContinue reading “Sparking the Positivity Snowball”

Being a Test Subject – #itsforscience

This past Saturday I got to be the test subject for a study being conducted at Regis University in Denver.  I was their first amputee subject, so I got to be the guinea pig (which tends to happen a lot in my life).  This particular study was gathering data to show the differences between runningContinue reading “Being a Test Subject – #itsforscience”

Meeting Saule

Every now and then, I meet someone and immediately know they are going to have a positive impact on my life.  That happened to me when I met Saule this summer.  Saule is a young girl who lives in Kazakhstan.  She was given up by her birth parents because she has disabilities, so she’s grownContinue reading “Meeting Saule”

Diving in to Find a New Passion

In March of 2014, I attended a swimming clinic that was hosted by CAF and designated as the LIM359 activity for the month.  It’s probably important to note at this point that I was the one who had designated the clinic as LIM359’s activity for March even though I had very little interest in donningContinue reading “Diving in to Find a New Passion”