48 Seconds

Me with my PC award at Athlete Village the day after IM Boulder 2018

I FINISHED THE BOULDER IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still telling this to myself over and over today because I still don't believe it, and I still look at an Ironman as an insurmountable feat even though I just did one yesterday.  I think it's going to take a while for the gravity of what I just …

Zach & Amy’s Ode to Skirt

Screenshot of video with Zach looking at a skirt and saying "it covers my rear. umm, I think I like it!"

Please enjoy this video about Skirt Sports​ that was produced and directed by Zach Harvey​ all while I was out for a run this afternoon.  Lyrics written by Amy Sheree Glass​ of WillRun4IceCream.com​ and TodaysWordsofGlass.com.