About the Blog: My main goal is to provide empowerment and motivation through storytelling. I want to be a resource for parents of kids with fibular hemimelia, other amputees, and anyone else looking for a motivation or empowerment in their lives. Some of my posts relate to being an amputee, some relate to triathlon, and some relate to life or other totally random topics. I hope that whether you are an amputee or not, you will get something positive out of my stories.

About Me: My leg was amputated when I was 2 because I had a condition called fibular hemimelia, which means I was missing my fibula bone and my left leg was substantially shorter than my right. I grew up not really knowing any different, and even asked my grandma at some point when she got her first prosthesis because I had it in my head that everyone wore a prosthesis (for the record, my grandma does not wear a prosthesis). I played t-ball & volleyball, rode bikes, climbed trees (much to my dad’s dismay), and did pretty much everything else my friends were doing. I started riding horses when I was about 9 years old, quickly got into 3-day eventing, and eventually rode on my college dressage team. I didn’t ride much after college, but I started competing in triathlons in 2014 and discovered this to be a new passion. I started with sprint distance triathlons and completed my first Half Ironman in June of 2016. On June 10, 2018, I became the first amputee to complete Ironman Boulder, and also one of less than 10 female amputees to complete an Iron-distance triathlon.  In May of 2020, I self-published a children’s book called The Girl with the Robot Leg: Being Brave, and in August of 2020 I posted a second book, Being Bold.  I’m also a civil rights attorney, co-founder and President of LIM359 – an activities-based support group for people with limb loss/different, and a board members of Running Start.  I was an ambassador for Skirt Sports from 2016-2020 and I’m past member of TeamMPI.

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