I use stories from my own life to illustrate bigger messages for my audience.

In May of 2020, I self-published The Girl with the Robot Leg: Being Brave.  This story is about a young girl with a prosthetic leg shows that her life is similar to that of her friends. She then learns an important lesson about being brave after an interaction with another child who is frightened when she removes her prosthetic leg at the swimming pool.  It is available for purchase here.  It is also available in Spanish at this link.


I had the opportunity to read my book for the #WeRead initiative with the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation:.

In August 2020, I published my second book, Being Bold.  This story is about a young girl with a prosthetic leg who is worried about the first day of school in a new class. She is bold and tells her story during show and tell, and this helps her make new friends who later stand up for her on the playground. She is thankful that she was bold when she goes to bed after the first day of school because her second day of school is much less scary.  Being Bold is available to purchase in English here and in Spanish here.

Photo collage of front and back cover of Being Bold, as well as the last 2 pages.  There are children of different colors and with different disabilities featured.

At TEDx Cherry Creek Women 2018, I had the opportunity to talk about accepting help to achieve the impossible using my experience at Ironman Boulder to illustrate my message: