There’s No “Right” or “Wrong” with Fibular Hemimelia – Interview with Mariale

For this blog, I interviewed Mariale, who is the mother of a 6-year-old boy who was born with fibular hemimelia (FH), which is the same diagnosis I was born with.  Mariale and her husband chose the leg lengthening process for their son rather than amputating (as my parents did), and I wanted to help shareContinue reading “There’s No “Right” or “Wrong” with Fibular Hemimelia – Interview with Mariale”

Adapting & Giving Back – Interview with Craig Towler

For this blog I interviewed Craig Towler, who started an organization called the Amputee Concierge in order to help people find answers to their questions and connect them with resources following limb loss.  I first heard about Craig shortly after the incident that lead to amputation of his legs happened, and was recently connected withContinue reading “Adapting & Giving Back – Interview with Craig Towler”

Choosing Amputation – Alina’s Story

For this blog I interviewed my friend Alina Miller who elected to have her leg amputated following a traumatic injury.  Everyone’s situation and circumstances are different, but hopefully others might find Alina’s story helpful in their own journey whether that journey involves choosing between amputation and saving a limb or any other tough decision you may be havingContinue reading “Choosing Amputation – Alina’s Story”

Interview with My Mom

This evening I interviewed my mom over the phone (she lives in Spokane, WA) about her experience being the parent of a child with fibular hemimelia.  Here’s what she had to say… What was it like when you first found out that I had fibular hemimelia?  When was that? Unlike today, they only did ultrasoundsContinue reading “Interview with My Mom”