8-year-old Me

I was recently looking through old photo albums and I came across an article about 8-year-old me that was published in The Shreveport Times on February 28, 1993.  How funny it is to look back at how this reporter captured my attitude towards being an amputee even at age 8! The story starts out byContinue reading “8-year-old Me”

Daddy, what happened to her leg?

The number one question I overhear when out in public is “Mommy (or Daddy), what happened to her leg?” When I overhear this I usually look at the kid, smile, and ask them if they’d like to come ask me any questions about my robot leg and point out to them how cool it is.Continue reading “Daddy, what happened to her leg?”

Colorado Columbines Speech

On November 4, 2017, I was the keynote speaker at an annual awards luncheon for the Colorado Columbines Women’s Running Club.  This great group of women support each other and host runs throughout the year, and it was an honor to speak at this celebration.     I wanted to give a little background, soContinue reading “Colorado Columbines Speech”

Meeting Saule

Every now and then, I meet someone and immediately know they are going to have a positive impact on my life.  That happened to me when I met Saule this summer.  Saule is a young girl who lives in Kazakhstan.  She was given up by her birth parents because she has disabilities, so she’s grownContinue reading “Meeting Saule”

My Twisted Sense of Body Image

I originally wrote this post for LIM359 in January of 2014 – it is slightly edited from its original form in the version below. “Whoa!” I exclaimed, “ It looks like my leg grew back!”  After years of prosthetic legs that were made to look “real” but always left something to be desired and an eventualContinue reading “My Twisted Sense of Body Image”