Flying with Prosthetic Legs

As I write this, I’m sitting on a plane flying home after a lovely week with family on Tybee Island for Christmas. This trip required me to go through the regular flying fun – packing, security, boarding the plane, storing luggage, transferring planes (with little time in one instance), and then doing it all againContinue reading “Flying with Prosthetic Legs”

2018 Goal = FULL IRONMAN

Sometimes it’s good to take a chance and register for a race you don’t know if you’ll be able to finish even though it makes you feel nervous, intimidated, and full of self-doubt.  I felt that way with my first half marathon, and then again with my first Half Ironman, and now again as IContinue reading “2018 Goal = FULL IRONMAN”

Adapting & Giving Back – Interview with Craig Towler

For this blog I interviewed Craig Towler, who started an organization called the Amputee Concierge in order to help people find answers to their questions and connect them with resources following limb loss.  I first heard about Craig shortly after the incident that lead to amputation of his legs happened, and was recently connected withContinue reading “Adapting & Giving Back – Interview with Craig Towler”

Colorado Columbines Speech

On November 4, 2017, I was the keynote speaker at an annual awards luncheon for the Colorado Columbines Women’s Running Club.  This great group of women support each other and host runs throughout the year, and it was an honor to speak at this celebration.     I wanted to give a little background, soContinue reading “Colorado Columbines Speech”

Reframing the Fail

To fall short, to be unsuccessful, to disappoint the expectations or trust of, to be deficient in – these are phrases Merriam-Webster uses to define the word “fail.”  Lack of success, a falling short, one that has failed – this is what the dictionary says it means to be a failure.  No offense to Merriam-Webster,Continue reading “Reframing the Fail”

Race Day Flexibility

The Boulder Half Ironman this past weekend was my “A” race for the 2017 season.  It’s THE thing I’ve been working towards since coming back from breaking my rib late last summer.  I had other important races and goals this year, but nothing was as important to me as this race (as far as athleticContinue reading “Race Day Flexibility”