Team MPI Spring Training Camp

A week ago today, Zach and I were getting home from a 3-day triathlon camp that was hosted by Team MPI in Henderson, Nevada. I have been intending to write a post about camp ever since we got back, and I finally sat down to follow through on that intention today. We arrived at campContinue reading “Team MPI Spring Training Camp”

Why I Run: Updated Version

I originally wrote this for the Achilles International-Colorado blog in October or 2016, and  I originally posted it on my AmpTriLife Blog in February of 2017, but have since added some additional thoughts at the end of the post to recount the continuation of my journey as a runner.  If you already read my originalContinue reading “Why I Run: Updated Version”

Self-Modified Clothing May Not Be the Only Option: Introducing PATTI + RICKY

I’m used to making it work when it comes to clothing and shoes, and I think there’s a lot to be said for that ability to adjust for your environment. That said, living in a world intended for people with 2 biological legs & feet sometimes leads to a little bit of frustration. For example,Continue reading “Self-Modified Clothing May Not Be the Only Option: Introducing PATTI + RICKY”

Discussing Stereotypes & Inspiration

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of going to lunch with some students from a private K-8 school in Denver to talk about stereotypes.  Their teacher had reached out to me after they spoke with my friend Alina (learn more about her story here) because they wanted to talk to someone who was bothContinue reading “Discussing Stereotypes & Inspiration”

There’s No “Right” or “Wrong” with Fibular Hemimelia – Interview with Mariale

For this blog, I interviewed Mariale, who is the mother of a 6-year-old boy who was born with fibular hemimelia (FH), which is the same diagnosis I was born with.  Mariale and her husband chose the leg lengthening process for their son rather than amputating (as my parents did), and I wanted to help shareContinue reading “There’s No “Right” or “Wrong” with Fibular Hemimelia – Interview with Mariale”

Amputation Does NOT Equal Failure

Amputation is a permanent alteration to one’s body that can be extremely traumatic. Despite this truth, it is time that we stop labeling amputation as “failure.” I have heard too many stories of doctors doing everything medically possible to “save” a person’s limb even when the known outcome of such “saving” is a barely functionalContinue reading “Amputation Does NOT Equal Failure”

The Importance of OOST

This blog is in response to a question I got about out of socket time (OOST) from my friend Emily, who is a fellow amputee:When I was a kid, I would put my leg on in the morning and often not take it off until shortly before bedtime. It was fairly common for me toContinue reading “The Importance of OOST”