Hard Work, Persistence, and Goal Crushing

  One thing I remember clearly from my first race – the Bellco Colfax 5k – in 2013 is how utterly exhausted I was upon finishing.  Zach and I went to Denver Biscuit Company afterwards and all I really wanted to do was take a nap (even before devouring my sleep-inducing biscuit with sausage, mapleContinue reading “Hard Work, Persistence, and Goal Crushing”

Being a Test Subject – #itsforscience

This past Saturday I got to be the test subject for a study being conducted at Regis University in Denver.  I was their first amputee subject, so I got to be the guinea pig (which tends to happen a lot in my life).  This particular study was gathering data to show the differences between runningContinue reading “Being a Test Subject – #itsforscience”

Why I Run

I originally wrote this for the Achilles International-Colorado blog in October, but I wanted to share it on here as well. — We were in the first quarter mile of a Monday evening Achilles workout in Wash Park and I turned to my running buddy Jessica and asked, “You know when I like running?”  SheContinue reading “Why I Run”

Giving Thanks for a Tough Year

I feel like 2016 has had me constantly fighting to get off the struggle bus, mostly because this year has thrown quite a few monkey wrenches at me, including an accident that totaled my car in January, a month-long bout of bronchitis in March that had linger effects, and a broken rib from a bikeContinue reading “Giving Thanks for a Tough Year”

The Amputee Athlete’s Additional Logistical Considerations

Logistics are something every triathlete must consider, and there are additional potential considerations for me as an amputee.  This post is meant to be educational for amputees new to triathlon so they will get a little glimpse into the additional things I consider prior to race day.  I don’t intend to address all the logisticsContinue reading “The Amputee Athlete’s Additional Logistical Considerations”