Grateful for Your Positivity

photo of me giving a high five during a triathlon and a photo of me with Theresa and Nicole at the finish of a triathlon

We are now just 11 days 9 hours 12 minutes and 40 seconds away from the start of Ironman Boulder (but who’s counting) and I really started freaking out about it today. I talked through it with Coach Mark this evening and realized that for my own piece of mind I needed to write a brief blog post about what I’m feeling right now. I have been very open in sharing my journey with anyone who will listen, including a random guy at the pool this morning who is now going to track me on race day, and the pressure is starting to build. It’s amazing to have so much support behind me, but it’s also terrifying. I have been surrounded by so much positivity during this experience of training for my first Ironman through social media and in-person interaction, and I really think it has been beneficial to my training – so, thank you to everyone who has had a kind word of encouragement or advice along this path! The downside of allowing myself to be vulnerable through this process is that if I don’t finish, I feel like I won’t just be letting myself down, I’ll be letting everyone who has supported me down as well. That’s a lot to carry with me as I anticipate race day in the next 11 days, but I know that is also what is part of what will help me through the toughest of times during my race. What I know now is that I just have to make it to the starting line and then all your positivity is going to help carry me through the day’s challenges, and for that I am grateful to all of you.

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