Q&A Videos

Have you ever wondered whether I paint the toes on my fake foot to match my real foot?  How about whether I pay full price for a pedicure?  Or what about how I get in and out of the pool without a leg?  Or why would I cut up a perfectly good running shoe just to glue the sole to the bottom of my running foot?

If you’ve ever pondered these or similar questions, you are not alone!

Many people are curious about my life as an amputee triathlete, but they aren’t sure if it’s okay to ask me about it.  I’ve been an amputee since I was 2 years old, so I’m pretty comfortable with the whole thing, and I often don’t even realize the sorts of questions people wonder about because I haven’t really known anything different.

I want people to be comfortable asking questions about my life as an amputee triathlete, so I am embarking on a Q&A Video series in order to give you the opportunity to ask me these questions.  Please use the “Contact” form to submit your questions and I will randomly select questions to answer in video format.

To view my Q&A videos, please use the blog topics dropdown list and select “Q&A Videos” or check out my YouTube channel.

No questions are off limits, but I cannot promise that I will respond to every single question submitted.

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