Celebrating Your Own Journey

I’ve come an extremely long way in my training and racing over the past three years, but I still struggle to truly appreciate and celebrate what my body is capable of doing.  Even after covering 70.3 miles in a single day using nothing but my own physical power, it’s still so easy to discount myContinue reading “Celebrating Your Own Journey”

The Amputee Athlete’s Additional Logistical Considerations

Logistics are something every triathlete must consider, and there are additional potential considerations for me as an amputee.  This post is meant to be educational for amputees new to triathlon so they will get a little glimpse into the additional things I consider prior to race day.  I don’t intend to address all the logisticsContinue reading “The Amputee Athlete’s Additional Logistical Considerations”

Starting Up!

I’m diving into the world of blogging because when I was first starting to do triathlons, I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about the ins and outs of doing a triathlon as an amputee online.  Luckily, I had friends I could turn to, but not everyone has that luxury.  My basic ideaContinue reading “Starting Up!”