Team MPI – “We won’t treat you any different than able-bodied athletes, but we know the difference.”  This quote from their website pretty much sums up why I’ve been working with Coach Mark Sortino since 2014.  This group of coaches is an amazing source of support for my journey.

Creative Orthotic and creative opsProsthetic Solutions – This is who I trust to provide me with the prosthetic legs I need to be able to compete and train on a daily basis.  With their help, I’ve done everything from my first 5K to my first Full Ironman.

Skirt Sports logo

Skirt Sports – Shop here and use code EMILYH for a discount on these amazing products that range from skirts to tops to pants.  Skirt Sports is more than just a clothing brand, it’s an inclusive lifestyle brand that welcomes women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds, athletic abilities, and more.

aftershokz logoAfterShokz Headphones – Shop here for an amazing discount on AfterShokz bone conduction headphones.  Why AfterShokz?  They don’t go in your ears. They don’t go over your ears. They sit in front of your ears and send sound via mini vibrations to your inner ears.  With open ears, you can listen to music, podcasts and calls while still hearing your surroundings.

boco logoBOCO Gear – Shop here for stylish, technical headwear and accessories for your brand, team or event.  Fully customized with wicking fabrications and technical innovation, our gear is designed for and tested by top athletes.  They sweat the details!