My Team

We are nothing without our team  – these are a few of the people on my team, without whom my endeavors would not be possible.

Caveat:  There are many amazing and impactful people in my life, so this in no way represents my entire team; however, I anticipate that these people will be mentioned often in my  initial blog posts, so I wanted to give readers an opportunity to get to know them a little better.   My plan is to add additional people to this page as I continue on this path of blogging.

me and Zach in Yellowstone

Zach is my husband, training partner, and leg maker.  He has an affinity for cat shirts and whiskey.  He is quite a character and I often search for hidden cameras because I believe I’m secretly on a sitcom tv show.  We’ve been married since 2012 and have 3 cats – Marilyn, Oliver, and Jasper.

my mom hiking in the mountains

Sheryl (aka my mom) is a fun-loving and extremely spunky lady.  I’ve looked up to her my entire life, and we shared a special bond as I went through my awkward teen years because we rode horses together.  She is a go-getter, walking for at least an hour every morning, riding with a mountain biking club, and participating in dance camps with her husband Dale.

jessica at the beach

Jessica is one of my best friends who I met while we were in our first year of college.  Both of us eventually landed in Denver, and she is the person who initially motivated me to start running.  Not only that, but she stuck with me as I got into the sport and continues to support me in all my athletic endeavors even though they sometimes encroach on my social life.

Coach Mark Sortino and I at the Coeur d'Alene 70.3 in 2016

Coach Mark and I have been working together since we met at a CAF triathlon camp in August of 2014.  He has coached me to my fastest 5k time and the completion of my first Half Ironman.  He is an amazing source of support through my greatest accomplishments and my lowest lows of injury and illness.  Coach Mark is also one of the founders of Team MPI and is the coach for the U.S. Paratriatlon team.

Me & Colleen after an amazing massage

Colleen of Denver Sports Massage is another extremely important member of my team.  When I’m in training, I visit Colleen very 4-6 weeks so she can straighten me out and keep my body working with me rather than against me.  I ask a lot of my body, and Colleen helps make sure it can perform during training and on race day.

benny petting a dog at the park

Benny is a friend I met through Achilles International-Colorado.  Benny loves pizza, ice cream, and talking to people on FaceTime.  He also enjoys running, although I’m pretty sure he enjoys the social aspect of it more than anything else.  He has a great sense of humor and loves meeting new people.