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IMG_7941The Girl with the Robot Leg: Being Brave was written and illustrated by Emily, and published through Amazon in May of 2020.  In this story, a young girl with a prosthetic leg shows that her life is similar to that of her friends. She then learns an important lesson about being brave after an interaction with IMG-3407another child who is frightened when she removes her prosthetic leg at the swimming pool.

What Readers are Saying: 

“This is such a wonderful story that teaches the importance of inclusivity, overcoming obstacles and being BRAVE. My 7 yr old son read this to our family and said ‘Hey mom I want a robot leg too!’ It teaches compassion, acceptance of differences and courage amidst fear in a way that children, especially, can comprehend and relate to. I image2 (2)absolutely love this story and most importantly, my kids love it too! A must have addition to every household’s little library.” ~ Lindsay P.

“We have been having long talks about racism lately and discrimination in general. This book had perfect timing. I realized they haven’t really been exposed to that many people with different abilities yet as we were reading through it and I love how the book incorporated more than just limb loss into the pictures. It gave us the opportunity to talk about all of that. I have always taught my children to love people because they are people, but lately I have been explaining that it’s not enough to just be inclusive of all people, but that it’s very important and I EXPECT every single one of them to not just disagree with rude/mean comments, statements, or jokes but to stand up for people and to tell their friends it isn’t acceptable to say things like that or treat people differently. It’s been a great teaching tool for us. I’m so glad I bought a copy.” ~ Jennifer J.

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